Strongly driven creatives with a passion for VFX

Ballistic Pork offers a full spectrum of VFX services, in addition to trailer and cinematic production and original IP development. We utilise the latest technologies and methods for realtime visual effects and content creation.

We're a close group of highly ambitious artists who love to bring ideas to life. Varying skillsets enable us to offer a broad spectrum of services and ensure the same standard of finish is carried forward to each and every aspect of the work we deliver.

Recent Jobs


We had the dark pleasure of working with The Fine Arc in creating a trailer for their Lovecraftian action roguelike, both as a standalone trailer for Steam and as a campaign video for TikTok. Cthulhu's Reach: Devil Reef is out now on Steam early access.

Aurora Punks Promotional

To open and close a promotional video that we produced for Aurora Punks, we also made this logo treatment using Houdini and After Effects.


We worked closely with Atomic Elbow in putting together the GDC showcase trailer for the hack-and-slasher Sir Whoopass™: Immortal Death.


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Although we are based in Sweden, with a presence in both Jörn and Stockholm, we are able to work with clients from across the globe

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