Ballistic Pork offers a full spectrum of 3D production and VFX services, utilising the latest technologies and methods for realtime visual effects and content creation.


We have access to a fully equipped motion capture studio, enabling us to create custom animations to suit your requirements, be it animation for games or virtual production.

Where combat or fight sequences are required, we have close links to local martial art schools, enabling us to utilise experienced fighters.


One of our key services involves developing prototypes for games and other forms of entertainment.
Below you will find example screenshots from our concept game "Gridlockers." This was taken from first concept to finished gameplay trailer in 3 months, complete with asset modeling, animation, world creation and trailer production. 

To view the full trailer, please click here.



We offer a wide range of services for your trailer production and advertising needs, and can take your vision from storyboard to finished product.

Working closely with Oskar and the team at Bright Gambit, we created the launch trailer for the excellently quirky puzzle adventure game Orten Was The Case.


From modeling props to creating large scale environments, our procedural workflow allows us to iterate with ease and deliver with pin point precision. Harnessing the procedural powers of Houdini and Substance gives us minute control of the creative process through all stages of production.

See below for an example of how we used tools created in Houdini to build up a scene in Unreal Engine.


From rainswept city streets to the scorching tendrils of a dragon’s breath, visual effects are at the core of what we do. Skillfully utilizing an array of cutting edge tools, VFX is the seemingly magic ingredient we use to dial in the atmosphere and lift scenes from common to spectacular.


Using the latest technologies such as Houdini and Unreal Engine, we are ready to craft fully realized worlds from concept to screen. From virtual sets to dense, dynamic game environments, ranging in styles from the photorealistic to the fantastically stylized.