Way of Hoof

Way of Hoof is an upcoming side scrolling battle adventure game which tells the tale of a band of cloven hooved ninjas fighting to take back their homeland from cold blooded meanies.

Experience blistering combat in this family friendly, comic ninja adventure!

Enter the Teaser


Like a Ninja

Move like ninjas

Master movement with a dash, grappling hook, climbing claws, and a nimble double jump

Fight like ninjas
Unleash an awesome blend of super cool ninja moves

Co-Op Ultra-Combos

Execute combination ultras based on proximity to your friends (or screw it up for everyone)

Gadget up!

Arm yourself with a kickass selection of ninja tools such as shuriken, smoke bombs and kunai

Stay in the fight

Heal instantly with potions and revive fallen allies

Most Anticipated Game

We’re delighted to have won “Most Anticipated Game” for our new IP “Way of Hoof” at the Arctic Game Dev 2023 conference!